DIY Acrylic Jewelry for Every Aesthetic

DIY Acrylic Jewelry for Every Aesthetic

Creating your own acrylic jewelry offers a unique opportunity to express your personal style. With COHn Acrylics' wide range of high-quality acrylic sheets, crafting accessories that reflect your individual aesthetic has never been easier. From the elegance of romantic designs to the boldness of edgy styles, here’s your guide to DIY jewelry for every look.


The Look: The romantic aesthetic is all about softness, femininity, and an air of whimsy. It often includes flowing fabrics, delicate lace, and a pastel palette that together create a dreamy, ethereal vibe. Those drawn to this style likely appreciate the beauty in details and have a love for vintage-inspired pieces that evoke a sense of timeless charm. It's a style that speaks to the heart, embracing love and the softer side of beauty.

DIY Idea: Craft a set of dainty heart pendants or earrings shaped like tiny blossoms to wear or share with someone special.

The Perfect Acrylics: Our Pearl and Iridescent finishes are ideal, offering a soft glow and depth that mirror the dreamy quality of romantic tales.


The Look: Casual style is synonymous with comfort and effortless chic. It's characterized by relaxed fits, practical fabrics, and an easy-going attitude, making it perfect for everyday wear. The palette is often neutral, allowing for versatility and a wide range of combinations. Casual style enthusiasts prioritize functionality and simplicity, embodying a laid-back approach to fashion that doesn't compromise on style.

DIY Idea: Create geometric studs or simple bar necklaces that become your new everyday favorites.

The Perfect Acrylics: Essential acrylic sheets in neutral tones or soft, earthy colors provide the understated beauty ideal for casual wear.


The Look: Glam style is defined by luxury, sophistication, and a penchant for all things that sparkle and shine. It embraces bold colors, rich fabrics like silk and velvet, and statement pieces that stand out. The glam aesthetic is for those who love to make an entrance and aren't afraid to express their confidence through opulent and eye-catching ensembles. It's a celebration of extravagance and high fashion.

DIY Idea: Design oversized gemstone-inspired rings or chandelier earrings that command the spotlight.

The Perfect Acrylics: Metallic and Glitter acrylics will lend the necessary sparkle and allure to any glam jewelry piece.


The Look: Minimalism in fashion is characterized by clean lines, monochromatic color schemes, and a philosophy of "less is more." Fabrics are high-quality and silhouettes are streamlined, creating a look that is both sophisticated and understated. The minimalist aesthetic appeals to those who value elegance in simplicity, focusing on the essentials to create a timeless and refined wardrobe.

DIY Idea: Experiment with minimalist circle pendants or square bangles for an effortlessly chic look.

The Perfect Acrylics: Clear and frosted acrylics are the go-to choices, enhancing the minimalist appeal with their clarity and simplicity.


The Look: The vintage aesthetic harks back to the fashion of previous decades, celebrating the unique and iconic styles of the 20s, 50s, 70s, or any era that resonates. It's a treasure trove of high-waist pants, A-line skirts, and retro prints, often accented with classic accessories. Vintage lovers are typically nostalgic, appreciating the craftsmanship and storytelling of clothing from bygone eras, blending them into modern contexts with a personal twist.

DIY Idea: Try your hand at crafting Art Deco-inspired brooches or cameo pendants that feel like heirlooms.

The Perfect Acrylics: Pastel colors with a sepia tone can evoke the nostalgic allure of vintage jewelry.


The Look: Bohemian style is eclectic, free-spirited, and inspired by the wanderlust of the 60s and 70s. It combines natural fabrics, earthy tones, and intricate patterns with layers and textures for a relaxed, yet distinctly artistic look. Those attracted to boho style often have an adventurous spirit, valuing creativity, freedom, and a connection to nature in their sartorial choices.

DIY Idea: Feather earrings or sunburst pendants will add a touch of natural beauty to your boho-inspired outfits.

The Perfect Acrylics: Earth-toned acrylics like Nutmeg capture the organic, free-spirited essence of boho style.


The Look: Edgy fashion breaks the mold with its bold, unconventional choices and a dark, often monochromatic color palette. Leather, metal accents, and asymmetrical designs are staples, embodying a rebellious attitude. Its followers are unapologetically individualistic, using fashion as a form of self-expression and a declaration of independence from mainstream trends.

DIY Idea: Craft spiked bracelets or angular, asymmetrical necklaces to showcase your daring style.

The Perfect Acrylics: Black or mirrored acrylics are the ideal mediums for pieces that make a bold statement.


The Look: Preppy style is polished and quintessentially collegiate, featuring clean lines, classic patterns like plaids and stripes, and a bright color palette. The look is inspired by the Ivy League, with a focus on tailored clothing, blazers, and crisp shirts. Enthusiasts of the preppy aesthetic appreciate its blend of sophistication and casualness, creating a look that's both smart and approachable.

DIY Idea: Anchor pendants or monogrammed cufflinks are the quintessence of preppy chic.

The Perfect Acrylics: Bright colors like teal or hot pink and patterned acrylics reflect the preppy palette, infusing your jewelry with fun and class.

Final Thoughts

With COHn Acrylics' diverse selection of acrylic sheets, your DIY jewelry can truly reflect your personal style. Whether you're crafting a piece to match your romantic side or to express your edgy aesthetic, the perfect acrylic is waiting for you.

Let your creativity flow and start crafting jewelry that's uniquely you with COHn Acrylics. Visit our acrylic sheet collections to find the ideal acrylic sheets for your projects, and share your beautiful creations with us on social media. Plunge into the sea of DIY and let your personal style shine through.